My Transformational Story

Destination Transformation

Hi V here.  I would like to share with you how I was able to lose over 30 lbs in under 6 months.  I went down 4 dress sizes!  I was a size 8 and I’m now size 2.  I haven’t been that slim since high school! Pretty amazing!  Let me tell you, I had tried everything over the years.  I’ve experimented with different diets and workout routines.  I’ve bought countless workout equipment like treadmills, stepping machines, jump ropes or anything new that came out that promised results fast.  I had some luck.  I would lose some weight and get in shape but it would always come back.  Over the last few years, nothing seemed to work.  I almost gave up hope.   I wasn’t sure if it was my age catching up with me, hormones or a possible thyroid problem.  I read countless books with different weight loss theories and tried implementing the author’s ideas.  What ended up working for me was so simple.  It’s the same formula I teach as a health coach.  There are no pills or special network marketing products involved.

Here’s my story:  I started with a 14-day detox to jump start my metabolism.  I share this detox diet with my clients.  The detox catapulted me to start eating better as well as rid my body of toxins that weren’t serving me.

After the detox was over, I brought coffee back into my daily regimen.  That was the hardest part for me to give up on the detox.  I went for coconut milk instead of creamers that are high in sugar.  I started being choosier with the meals I was eating.  Opting for more high-quality, organic ingredients.  I was making more natural, healthier choices.  I just got rid of tons of toxins on the detox plan!  I didn’t want to immediately put them back into my body.  You may not be perfect 100% of the time, but if you bring more awareness to what you are eating, it will help tremendously.  I lost about 5 lbs. from the detox and it helped pave the way for additional weight loss.

After the detox, I hooked up with a lifestyle coach who held me accountable every week. I set a goal weight and had to report my weight loss to him weekly.  Having someone hold you accountable, in my opinion, is the key to success.  Otherwise, it is way too easy to just give up when things don’t go as well as you want them to.  He encouraged me by never judging.  He pushed me gently and kept reminding me of the goal I set and why I set it.

So, I started being mindful of the type of food I bought.  I really enjoy preparing foods with fresh herbs and organic vegetables.  I love the aroma of delicious food being cooked.  It permeates the whole house.  It makes your mouth water just thinking about taking that first bite! This is called CPDR – cephalic phase digestive response.  CPDR helps you to digest your meal.

I also learned to chew my food.  I strive for 30 times per bite.  I make mealtime a more sensual experience now.  I love sitting down with a nice glass of wine and savor every bite of my meal.  I turn off all distractions and I focus on just being present.  I breathe and get into a relaxed state.  What I’ve noticed practicing the art of sensual eating is that I eat far less than I used to!  I also started paying attention to how my body felt after eating the meal.  If I felt lethargic and bloated, then I knew to stay away from that food.  It wasn’t working for me.  You want food to make you feel good and give you energy, not take away.

What I noticed after changing some of my habits was that I was steadily losing weight.  Sometimes it would be 5 pounds in a week and then I wouldn’t lose again for a few more weeks.  I stayed focused even when I thought I had plateaued and I was able to stay on track.  Now eating healthier has become a habit.  I don’t have to go on fad diets.  I’m eating healthy, delicious food and enjoying meal time like never before.

Once the weight started coming off, I felt better and started looking sexier.  When you feel good and sexy, it radiates.  People start noticing you.  You vibrate at a higher frequency.

If you would like to look sexier, feel more alive or if you would like to learn more about the 14-day detox, fill out the contact form to schedule a time to talk with me.  Let me hold you accountable so you can become healthier, sexier and exude more self-confidence!  or