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Do you have a hard time trusting people?  Do you feel worthy of the one you are with? Are you happy and content or do you feel like the rug will be pulled out from under you at any moment? Is your guard up at all times? When you lack self-confidence you can create scenarios in your head that aren’t real.  You may see things through a distorted lens.

It’s possible you may have experienced some heartbreak or witnessed it through other people that you care about.  For example, if your father was unfaithful to your mother, you may have the idea in your mind that all men cheat on their wives or girlfriends.  Do you look for suspicious activity because you feel like your partner will leave you for someone else? It’s possible you could have trust issues.  You may hold the fear of being betrayed, taken advantage of or worse yet, humiliated!

If you anticipate betrayal and fear being hurt, then you miss out on chances to get to know someone or really connect with them.  You may not believe you are worthy enough for love. To let go of that limiting belief, the first place to start is by loving yourself first.

When you exude self-confidence and know your self-worth, then you are secure in the fact that you are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.  That’s what makes a world of difference between someone that has high self-esteem versus someone who doesn’t.  Beauty is not only about your looks or if you have a killer body, it’s also about how kindly you interact with other people and yourself.  If you constantly need attention from others, then you are desperate for it because you are not content with yourself.

Confidence is very appealing. When you start to realize you are worthy of more, then you will attract healthier relationships.  When you’re happy with yourself, all of your other relationships will also improve.  Who isn’t drawn to the energy of a happy person?

You must choose to be content with yourself right this very moment.  Think thoughts and do things that make you feel good right now.  How do you feel love? Everyone’s needs are different.  Do you need to hear the words? Do you like to feel it with lots of hugs and kisses? Do you prefer seeing it by getting flowers or from a nice gesture?  How do you show love back? Life involves risks.  Learning to trust means taking risks and letting go of feeling like a victim.

What do I do now?  Start by loving yourself today and expressing that love onto others.  This will start the healing process.  You will find that life will mirror back what you are putting out.  Be kind and compassionate to others and see what comes back to you in return.  It also means taking steps toward trusting other people.

In my life coaching practice in Allentown, PA, I help clients develop more self-love which enhances their own self-confidence.  If you are looking to improve relationships or have more faith that there are people worthy of trust, call me for a one-on-one session today.  or