Snooze You Lose

If You Snooze You Lose

What does this phrase mean to you?  I happen to say this a lot because it can be applied to all sorts of things.  Since it has been coming to mind so frequently lately, I decided to make a post about it.

If you find excuses not to exercise or start eating right today, then snooze you lose because you won’t be losing those extra pounds you keep talking about.  You won’t be in the shape you would like to be in.   You won’t be as healthy as you’d like to be.  People make excuses all the time like I don’t have time to exercise or I’ll start after the holidays or I’ll start on Monday.  By Friday you’ve made an excuse to cheat.  It’s very easy to find creative ways to get that body moving that doesn’t even seem like exercise.  Take a nice walk, dance or try a new exercise routine (youtube is full of ideas!)  Instead of watching television or playing on social media, I turn on my favorite music and I keep my body in motion until my playlist is done.  It’s relaxing and uplifting for me. Even on days I feel so tired and don’t feel like it, once I turn on that music, it seems like it lights a fire and I can’t help myself.

What about facing a fear?  Are you afraid to go after something because you might not fare as well as you would like?  Are you afraid to get out of your comfort zone? If you don’t, then snooze you lose.  You will never know how it could have turned out if you let the opportunity pass you by or wait until the moment or circumstances are perfect.  If you don’t go for that promotion for fear of rejection or ask that person out that you are attracted to, you risk the chance of someone else scooping up what you wanted but were too afraid to go after.

What about making a dream a reality?  If you do the same routine day after day, then snooze you lose.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Change it up! Why aren’t you going for that dream? Take action and start learning what it would take to start making that dream come true.

The point is to stop letting life pass you by and start doing things that make you happy.  As FDR said, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.”  If you are looking for a little motivation, contact me at or and let a qualified life and health coach get you from snoozing to moving!