Neuro Linguistic Programming

Color Breathing N.L.P.Technique


Here is a simple relaxation technique you may use when you are feeling stressed and need to take a few moments to relax, or to release the emotional charge of the moment or a limiting belief.

  • Get comfortable and close your eyes. Breathing deeply, nice and slow, in and out.
  • How you are feeling? Rate the emotion on a scale of 1 to 10? (10 = 100% identified)
  • Breathe in and out and allow yourself to let go.
  • Move your awareness to the undesired energy within you.
  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • Does it have a color? What is the first color that comes to you assigned to that energy?
  • Feel where it is…See the color of it…Notice if it has a shape…Notice its qualities.
  • With your next inhalation let your breath move into that body space and absorb the negative energy.  With your next exhalation see the color of that energy exiting your body.
  • What color do you associate with healing? What is the first color that pops into your mind?
  • Breathe in THAT color.
  • With your inhalation let that color move into the space of your emotional trigger.
  • Allow your healing color to replace your emotional trigger color
  • See the emotional color leave your body
  • See the healing color fill up the hole with love, and light, and healing energy…
  • Continue this breathing color clearing & healing until you feel all of the undesired emotion gone and allow a great peace to envelop you.
  • Continue breathing in and out.
  • Now take a long deep slow breath in and hold for as long as your body will comfortably allow.
  • As you exhale SLOWLY, know that you are releasing any final bit of energy and color of this charge…It…IS…GONE, never to return without your permission…

It is now in the hands of the Universe to be transformed into love, joy, happiness, kindness and peace.


Self Worth


Do you believe in yourself or do you consistently sell yourself short?

Do you make goals but never quite achieve them?  You need to ask yourself how badly you want it. Do you want it bad enough to put all your effort into it or do you consistently fail to reach that target and make excuses for doing so?

You may need to look deep inside, do some soul searching and ask yourself what it is that you really want.  You may have to let go of the past, any pain people may have caused you or mistakes you have made up until now and start moving in the direction of your goal.  Take baby steps if you have to but get moving.  Write out an action plan.  Think about what is holding you back.  What is diverting your attention?  What do you want more, your goal or the diversion?

This is powerful.  When you realize you deserve better than what you have been giving yourself only then can you really move forward.  The question you have to ask yourself is “Am I worth it?”  If you can’t say yes with conviction, then you will continually sabotage your efforts.  You will continue living the same way you had up until this point.  You will never realize your dream.

You must know deep in your heart that God wants you to succeed.  He wants you to live out your life purpose.  Do you know what that is?  What is your calling in life?  What do you enjoy?  What motivates you?  What makes you happy?   These are all questions you need to answer for yourself.

Find your purpose and start living in the manner that will help you to be that person you aspire to be.  No more excuses.  Get rid of the distractions.  Realize that you are worth far more than you ever give yourself credit for.  Let go of the past and negative limiting beliefs.  These could be deep rooted beliefs from childhood. NLP techniques work amazing for this. Let go and start allowing all the good you deserve to start flowing in.  Believe you are amazing!  Haven’t you wasted enough time already?  Get moving!

If you are having a hard time getting motivated, let a coach help you develop a plan and make steps to help you reach your goal.  Speaking from experience, it’s the best investment I ever made in myself.  I was too stuck in my own misery living out painful day after painful day.  My coach helped me to realize my true potential and what I wanted to do to live the life I had been longing for.  He helped me make a plan to have the life I wanted and held me accountable.  I not only wanted this better life, I desperately needed it.

The turning point for me was the revelation that totally smacked me upside the head.  My coach told me I didn’t place any real value on myself.  He could see what I was too blind to see for myself.  I disagreed with him, of course, but after contemplation, he was so on the money! I hadn’t believed I was worth it.  So I toiled away working for a goal that never went anywhere!  I self-sabotaged and let everything get in my way.  For me, it took making a mistake and much soul searching to realize why I made that mistake and what had been holding me back.  Once I figured that out, it totally changed my life.  I felt like I was waking up from a bad dream.  The lightbulb finally went off! My coach, my mentor, my angel sent from heaven was an answer to a prayer.  I give gratitude daily for having the sense to know when a good thing fell into my lap and I jumped on the opportunity.  What I didn’t know at the time was that my coach would help me achieve things I never dreamed possible.

If you are stuck, a coach can help you like mine helped me.  Call today for a complimentary breakthrough session at (610) 844-1811.  You never know.  It might change your life.